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This is a kind of export service. You found a car in the German market? I can get it for you and ship it to your nearest port.

Sources for German used cars:

At the following sites you will find thousands of offers for used cars and trucks and the search engine has sections in many languages. You could try:


Not all German used cars are listed in the internet. Please let me know what you are looking for, perhaps I can find it here in my neighbourhood. I can also  supply trucks, construction machinery, graders, caterpillars etc.

If you want me as your supplier for a used German car, if you want further information about German cars, if you need a partner in the German  market:

Please contact me by email:

Cars for Asia:

Since about 15 years I am exporting cars to Asia: Have exported to South Korea, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, China mainland, Vietnam.

Producers of very nice cars are located in Asian countries, but there is still a high demand for cars from Europe: Sport cars from Germany and Italy,   limousines and SUV's with Diesel engines, electric powered or with Hybrid engines, even small cars with left hand steering are shipped from Germany to Asia. Every day.

BMW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes to Taiwan, small cars to Vietnam, 4x4's with Diesel engine  and small cars to Myanmar, brand new luxerious cars of all kind to China mainland,  sport cars and Diesel's to Korea, even LHD vehicles to Japan... I'll find what you  want!

Worldwide exports, full export service

Cars and trucks for Africa:

Since about 20 years I am exporting cars to Africa. Mostly West Africa. But there are also clients in East Africa. Looking for a car or truck ? - Please contact me now.

Things are changing all the time. I used to ship older Toyota's, Mercedes V-Boot and 190's to clients in West African countries, but import laws changed and now only newer cars can be imported to most countries. But newer cars are not affordable by most African buyers...