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I can show you some popular German internet sources: 

Check German car ads yourself - let me know what you found, I can ask the seller for more details and can buy the car for you.

At the following sites you will find thousands of offers and the search engine has sections in many languages. You could try:


Those are the best sources for finding all kinds of cars, vans and  trucks.  When you got an overview over the prices in Germany you should compare it with prices in your country. Please bear in mind that additional costs for transportation, taxes and customs and bank fees come on top of the sales price. So, before you get in contact, please be sure that there is a profit for you in the transaction.

Car sales here are much different to sales in the US or other countries:
Dealerships often don't accept no cash payment because of money laundry law.
Many dealers here have two prices on a car: A showroom price which is high and an internet price which show the lowest possible price.
On some makes and models the internet prices are not negotiable.
Dealers prefer to sell to local buyers who don’t use the internet to seach a car. Such clients don’t compare prices and pay more for the car. And later they come later for service and repairs...                    

In the internet offers at or Autoscout only the cars with the lowest price sell fast. Prices can be seen worldwide. Dealers calculate well and advertise with the lowest possible price... Don’t expect big  discounts on such cars!

Cars for South Korea:
There is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Republic of Korea. Products made in the EU can be imported into the Republic of Korea duty-free. But that has to be certified:    If a German seller has a customs authorization number (Ermächtigter Ausführer), he has the permission to confirm the EU origin of the goods at the end of the commercial invoice. This regulation only exists with the Republic of Korea.
But in order to be able to issue this confirmation, the seller needs a supplier declaration from the manufacturer. That is to proof the preferential origin status. And that is the problem! For a few years now, German car manufacturers have refused to issue a supplier declaration. It is only possible at Mercedes Benz.

Please understand: I could get you tax-free cars or other goods. I have already exported cars to South Korea and I have that German customs authorization number. But you won't get most cars duty-free into your country.

If you want me as your supplier for a used German car, if you want further information about German cars, if you need a partner in the German market, please contact me by email: